We act as a broker to simplify the process of obtaining search packs. Using our local knowledge, we ensure we pick the right packs from the right providers for your clients.

We offer a fast and efficient turnaround. As a broker, we process searches from multiple firms, so we can use our leverage to produce results quicker.

Our service takes away the administrative pain of processing the searches yourself, resulting in less of a burden for your administration and a cost efficient service for your client.


Local Authority

Detailed personal searches featuring planning permission & building regulation records, proposed traffic calming works, path & road adoption and planning constraints.

Water & Drainage

We'll check if the property is connected to public systems, if there is a septic tank and also show any drains or water mains within the boundary or nearby.

Coal Mining

Particularly important nearer mining towns, these reports show the presence of any mine shafts nearby as well as any claims that have been made to the Coal Authority.


A wide ranging report covering past uses of the land, contamination, ground stability and the locations of energy and infrastructure including existing and future sites.

Chancel Indemnity

Dating back to medieval times, there could be a liability to pay for the upkeep of the local church. Protect your clients with the right insurance.

Variable Packs

All of our services are available as a 'pick-n-mix'. We recommended that you pick the right packs for your clients. Ultimately, a full package offers the most comprehensive report on what your client is buying.